Sanae is a free person - by Haruko Greenberg

Sanae is a free person. She doesn't know borders. The border that divides, for example, east and west, self and other, consciousness and unconsciousness, sanity and insanity, reality and dream, and even life and death. Her free spirit crosses any border and transcends to something universal, something so familiar, so dear, so urgent, and so immediate to anyone.

She lives art. Art is her existence itself. She is dead serious about what she is expressing, because it's her as a human being at a certain point in her life. She develops, matures, and becomes more and more profound. You can feel it by following her work as I have been doing for more than twenty years. It's such an assuring thing to be her friend, because she makes you feel she is with you wherever you are. She listens and she cares. The most rewarding thing you can get from your friend.

When you stand in front of her dresses and headgear -- I would like to call them tiaras, since they are so graceful -- you are actually looking at her honest self, which is not afraid to show you everything. This is her, genuine and brave, yet tender and fragile. Cheers to her sharing her life with us. It is beautifully and endearingly human. Isn't that the reason for us to be here on earth anyway?

Haruko Greenberg

Friend and one of the proud models for her "Intimate Reflection" series

St. Petersburg, Russia

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