Sanae Takahata

Born in Maebashi City, Gumma Prefecture, Japan; Sanae Takahata began showing her work in Paris in 1977. In 1981 she moved to New York City and showed her work under contract with the Zoma Gallery. She has also shown her work in Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto. A detailed listing of her exhibitions is presented below.

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Spacetime Frolic" H.P.France Window Gallery Marunouchi, Tokyo
2020 "Protect Life 2020 Gumyocho" H.P.France Window Gallery Marunouchi, Tokyo
2019 "Seeking Tomorrow's Face 2020" H.P.France Window Gallery Marunouchi, Tokyo
2018 "Age of Discovery Delusion" H.P.France Window Gallery Marunouchi, Tokyo
2018 "Age of Discovery Delusion" Gallery Saoh, Tokyo
2016 "Protect Life - Welcome to Earth" H.P.France Marunouchi, Tokyo
2015 "Medieval Delusion", Sagacho Archives, Tokyo
2014-2015 "Metamorphosis", Mur Nomade, Hong Kong
"Medieval Garden", A.M Space, Hong Kong
2014 "Metamorphosis - Homage to Chimera Noko", Galerie Paris, Yokohama
2013 "Medieval Garden - Eve and Lilith", Gallery Saoh, Tokyo
2012 "WEAR ME -Tenpenmujo Krakow 2012", manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Krakow
2012 "Playing in the Middle Ages", Gallery Tomos, Tokyo
2011 "WEAR ME -Tenpenmujo", Galerie Paris, Yokohama
2009 Sanae Takahata Exhibition featuring "Intimate Reflections", "WEAR ME", "Mindscape" State-of-the-Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 "The Spell and The Butterflies" Gallery Saoh & Gallery Tomos , Tokyo
2008 "WEAR ME" OC Gallery , West Kowloon
"WEAR ME" Economist Gallery, The Fringe Club, Hong Kong
2006 "WEAR ME" Honenin Temple,
Hojo Room, Kyoto (July 12th ~July 20th)
2006 "WEAR ME" featuring dress shaped objects and masks,
Galerie Omotesando
2002-2005 Open studio Exhibition, Ningyocho Art Studio,
Ningyocho, Tokyo
2001 Gallery Bonoa, Naha city, Okinawa
1999 The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Tokyo
1998 "Prehistoric Moon" Artist Place Mischief, Takasaki, Gumma
1997 "My Sister's Room" Artist Place Mischief, Takasaki,Gumma
1996 "Intimate Reflections 1991-1995" Traveling Exhibition
F-ritz Art Center, Maebashi, Gumma
Honenin Temple (hojyo and Kodo), Kyoto
1995 "Intimate Reflections 1991-1995" featuring oil paintings,
Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo
1991 "Tokyo series"-Tokyo before the bubbling economy burst-
featuring oil paintings
The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Tokyo
1990 Styling Gallery, SEIBU Umeda LOFT,
Osaka (featuring terracotta sculptures)
"Deep Freeze" featuring oil paintings
and F.R.P. sculptures, ST Spot, Yokohama
1989 "Enpoo yori kita hitobito" featuring oil paintings
and terracotta sculptures
Gallery Saho and gallery Tomosu, Tokyo
1988-1989 Exhibiting and selling "Wearable art objects"
at Seattle Museum storeand Tacoma Museum Store
1988 Insync Gallery, Seattle (featuring terracotta sculptures)
1987 Penryn Gallery,
Seattle (featuring oil paintings and terracotta sculptures)
1985 "Seeking for Tomorrow's Face" featuring Masks, Sagacho bis, Tokyo
1985 Galerie Chimera,
Tokyo (featuring oil paintings and masks)
1984 "Peaceful Place" featuring oil paintings Fusuma,
Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo
1982 'Puffs from Passing Incarnations' featuring oil paintings,
Zoma Gallery, New York
1979 1979 First exhibition featuring oil paintings,
gouache paintings,Myrna Myers gallery, Paris Gumma Public Culture Center,Maebashi City, Gumma

Group Exhibitions

2021 "Art Project TAKASAKI 2021" Takasaki 2021
2021 "Marginal Hear Our voice -Tokyo Biennale 2020-2021 Social Dive Program" Jisshi Squire, Tokyo
2019 "Arts Maebashi New Collection" Arts Maebashi, Maebashi
2019 Arts Maebashi Gallery 1 ( Maebashi City Museum), Maebashi
2017 "Arts of Maebashi 2017" Exhibition Arts Maebashi ( Maebashi City Museum), Maebashi
2017 "Todayfs Arts of Maebashi" Akutsu Gallery, Maebashi
2014 "Yume no Kiseki", Jomo Art Award Winer Exhibition, Sponsored by: Jomo New Paper, Takahata City Gallery ( Takasaki)
2014 "A Journey to Japan", manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Krakow, (Krakow)
2011 "Hope", Gallery Saoh & Gallery Tomos, Tokyo
2009-2011 State-of-the-Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
2007 "Wearable Art Exhibition" Gallery Saoh, Tokyo
2001 2001 "Tokyo International Learning Community Art Auction"
Australia Embassy, Tokyo
1996 1996 Phillip Morris Art Award, Tokyo
"Jyomo Art Prize" sponsored by Jyomo Newspaper Company, Gumma
1990 1990 Galerie Chimera, Tokyo
"Ijigen Muse" featuring oil paintings,
F.R.P. sculptures sponsored by Taiyo Kogei Company
Traveling exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka
1989 - 1990 Neo Persona Gallery, New York
1988 "Masks" featuring terracotta sculptures,
Hartness-Schoos Gallery, Seattle
1984 1984 "Japan Festival" sponsored by
Bloomingdale Department Store, New York
1983 1983 "Japan Dynasty '83" featuring Fusuma screens,
sponsored by John Wanamaker Department Store,
Philadelphia "Arcadia Chelsea Space Show" featuring Fusuma Screens,
sponsored by Arcadia Chelsea Company, New York
1981 Zoma Gallery, New York
Takahata became a Zoma Gallery artist
and had group exhibitions in New York,
Florida and Philadelphia.
1980 Awarded first prize for oil painting in an artist competition
sponsored by Kaneda Gallery, Tokyo
1979 Le Salon, Grand Palace, Paris
1978 Le Salon, Grand Palace, Paris
1977 1977 Salon d'Autome, Grand Palace, Paris
Myrna Myer Gallery, Paris
Three person Exhibition, Myrna Myer Gallery, Paris

Public Collections

Honen in Temple, Kyoto, (1996, 2006)
Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow (2012)
Arts Maebashi (2018)


"Jyomo Art Prize" sponsored by Jyomo Newspaper Company, Gunma


2021 Spiral Xmas Market 2021 "Limited Gallery" hpgrp Gallery (Tokyo)
2019 Aosando Art Fair "Paris Delusion" JAMIN PUECH (Tokyo)
2018 Selected Art Fair 2018 Shu Shu Shu Show, Spiral Garden (Tokyo)
2018 Art in Park Hotel in Tokyo / Booth: hpgrp Gallery Tokyo/New York (Tokyo)
2016 Art Nagoya / Booth: hpgrp Gallery Tokyo/New York (Nagoya)
2014 Affordable Art Fair Singapore / Booth: State-of-the-Arts, Hong Kong (Singapore)
2014 Affordable Art Fair Singapore / Booth: State-of-the-Arts, Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
2013 Art Fair Sapporo / Booth: State-of-the-Arts, Hong Kong (Sapporo)
2012 Art Toronto 2012 / Booth: Galerie Paris Yokohama (Toronto)
2011 Singapore Art Fair / Booth: State-of-the-Arts, Hong Kong (Singapore)


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Editors : Rebecca Jennison & Soko Miki
Daisan shokan Publisher
1995 "A na ta ta chi" NHK Publisher. Inc. Tokyo 1995
Text by: Chizuko Ueno
Afterword by: Kazuko Koike


"Return to an Unknown Land - Sanae Takahatafs Quest fro Self" by Hiroko Hagiwara (Professor of Osaka Furitsu University) n. paradoxa -international feminist art journal Vol. 20 July, 2007
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